Virtual Skill Pool:
OCC is currently having more than 139 experts in its virtual skill pool and further encourages people to add in to our skill pool data base so that we can contact you whenever there is a need for your expertise.

We strongly believe that there are lot of redundant resources means some of full time working professionals still got some time to do work from their home or office while meeting their daily professional & social requirements. Virtual Consultancy is seamless process, delivery/ result oriented model which helps the individuals professionals to earn more money and also helps clients in getting services at low cost since no overheads and inefficiencies.

Obul virtual Consulting Engineers prides itself on its unique networking business model, which provides an almost limitless variety of engineering solutions. As the company’s approach is neither bureaucratic nor hierarchical, project teams are meticulously composed to suit the specific requirements of clients at any location and for the duration of the project.

The virtual style and approach to consulting engineering, in turn, offer an innovative, focused and adaptable approach to projects, thus optimising client’s time and enabling them to focus on their own core activities. By virtue of the company’s multi-disciplinary expertise, projects are delivered on time and to the exact specifications of both local and international clients. As a rule, client’s expectations are not only met, but often surpassed. The company considers quality management as non-negotiable, and continuously strives to improve its deliverables by means of a rigorous process of internal reviews.

Technical knowledge and expertise allow Virtual Consulting Engineers to determine the practical viability of a project, and financial models form an integral part of service offerings, thus enabling clients to evaluate different growth scenarios and their impact on profitability.

Your expert services will be rendered to various projects around the works which gives you an opportunity to make additional income bul Virtual Consulting Engineers value-added engineering philosophy involves partnering with the client’s development team to evaluate key project success factors in order to maximise resource efficiency.