Manpower Supply Services

OCC offers full spectrum of manpower supply services from front end project development phase to execute and operate phase. OCC possess significant number of in-house resources and also having abundant virtual skill pool to mobilize easily to client requirements ranging from short term assignments for gap fill, long term assignment, office based, interior based, rotation based, etc.
OCC is also having an advantage of easy access to Indian skilled resource thereby value added services to the Clients. We have robust systems in place to address all key aspects of manpower supply services such screening & selection, training, &competency development, visa process, mobilization & demobilization, culture & behavior development to imbibe with client team as a integrated team, ethics & compliance, HSE & Quality Compliance, etc thereby high degree of professional services being ensured to clients through manpower supply.
Some of the contracts executed in manpower supply services include the following categories:

  • Engineering Manpower Supply for Concept & Front end studies.

  • Field Supervision and Construction Management Manpower Supply.

  • Supply of Quantity Surveyors, Cost estimators, Planners, Document Controllers.

  • O &M (Operations & Maintenance) Manpower supply.

  • QA/QC Inspectors.

  • HSE Engineers and Supervisors .